The War of the Worlds, New Diorama Theatre

  ★★★★★ “an enjoyable, humorous, action-filled 80 minutes” Everything Theatre ★★★★ “a fast and clever show” The Guardian ★★★★ “a whirling multi-roling ensemble” Whats On Stage ★★★★ “an engagingly layered devised show” The Stage ★★★★ “enjoyable and thought-provoking” London Theatre 1 ★★★★ “a polished and inventive reworking” Act Drop  

Hardboiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow, New Diorama Theatre

★★★★★ “pulled off triumphantly… a huge achievement” Time Out ★★★★ “visually arresting”  The Stage ★★★★ “truly mesmerising” The Review Hub ★★★★ “a fast-paced, captivating pastiche of all things film noir” The Upcoming ★★★★ “A dynamic and passionate performance…” London Theatre 1 ★★★★ “A beautifully designed tribute to the film noir

The Devil’s Footprints, Documentary

This film examines the strange phenomenon which happened in February 1855 when a 100 mile trail of footprints strangely appeared in the snow overnight across East Devon. The footprints travelled through fields, gardens, rooftops and over high walls. In this film, I interviewed a leading fortean historian, a playwright and

Christmas Party 2015, National Theatre Studio

The Ladykillers, The Watermill Theatre

From the motion picture screenplay by William Roseby special arrangement with Studiocanaland by special arrangement with Fiery Angel Ltd. London Criminal mastermind, Professor Marcus, and his gang of oddball villains posing as musicians, meet their match when they take up residence in the top floor room of Mrs Wilberforce’s dilapidated

The Deep Blue Sea, The Watermill Theatre

Hester abandons the security and respectability of life with her distinguished older husband, throwing herself into a passionate affair with former RAF pilot Freddie. His raffish charm wears thin, but Hester remains infatuated. With overpowering feelings for Freddie and with her husband ready to forgive, Hester finds herself caught between

Journey’s End Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

You don’t know him as I do; I love that fellow. I’d go to hell with him.’ Just before Germany’s spring offensive in 1918, British officers are in a dug-out on the front line. Keen young officer Raleigh joins the company and finds Stanhope, his old friend, much changed. Trying to create

Life Lessons, The Watermill Theatre

The production was written and directed for the Senior Youth Theatre by Beth Flintoff and the Set Design was by Libby Todd. Photographs courtesy of Philip Tull. It’s the last day of term at Ackland College and Headteacher Geoffrey Winterton just wants to get through the final day in one piece.

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