Life Lessons, The Watermill Theatre

Directed by Beth Flintoff
Set Designed by Libby Todd
Photography by Philip Tull

It’s the last day of term at Ackland College and Headteacher Geoffrey Winterton just wants to get through the final day in one piece. But the orchestra keeps practising outside his office, his Head of Maths seems about to have a meltdown, and the Year 7s have staged a protest about a dead snake called Eugene.

Meanwhile in the Girls’ Boarding House, fifteen year old Maddy has been peacefully asleep and snoring for nearly twenty four hours. Her baffled room-mate Laura has even tried playing Elton John at full volume, but she still won’t budge. And Maddy has an important coursework deadline, so Laura does the only sensible thing she can think of – she pretends nothing has happened.  And somewhere on the A349, about fifteen miles away, a School Inspector drives relentlessly towards Ackland College, with a file full of complaints…

The Senior Youth Theatre brings you a hilarious and insanity-tinged insight into those final days at school.

The Watermill Young Company is generously supported by The Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation

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  1. […]   You can now view my lighting design for the Watermill Theatre’s recent production of Life Lessons. The production was written and directed for the Senior Youth Theatre by Beth Flintoff and the Set Design was by Libby Todd. Photographs courtesy of Philip Tull.  For more photos of this production click here. […]

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