All My Sons Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

In pursuit of the American Dream, Joe Keller, a manufacturer of aircraft parts, makes a decision that has tragic repercussions. An ordinary, decent, hard-working man, he is driven to provide generously for his family. But Joe is in denial. So too is his wife, who in the aftermath of World

Laurel & Hardy Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

Applauded by audiences and critics around the world, this hugely successful play is touching, funny and often  surprising.  It tells the fascinating, behind the silver screen story of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy – the most successful movie double-act. As they recall their lives, the memories are interwoven with some

David Copperfield, The Watermill Theatre

You can now view my lighting design for the Watermill Theatre’s recent production of David Copperfield.  The production was adapted and directed for the Senior Youth Theatre by Beth Flintoff and the Set Design was by David Harris.  Photographs courtesy of Philip Tull.

Arabian Nights Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

Here’s a little trailer we put together for The Watermill Theatre’s Christmas show ‘Arabian Nights’. ARABIAN NIGHTS Adapted by Toby Hulse Original music by Simon Slater “…this production has been given a sprinkling of the legendary Watermill magic…”The Stage Directed by Robin Belfield Designed by Karen Mckeown Lighting designed by Mark

The Tempest Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

Watch the new trailer for The Watermill Theatre new production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  Filmed by Philip Tull and edited by myself.  The show opens on Thursday 27th September. Directed by Paul Hart Original music by Olly Fox Designed by Jemima Robinson Lighting designed by Richard Howell Sound designed

Of Mice And Men Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

New Trailer shot this week that we put together across several days for The Watermill Theatre below. OF MICE AND MEN By John Steinbeck Directed by Douglas Rintoul Designed by Hayley Grindle Lighting designed by Paul Anderson Composer and sound designed by Helen Atkinson Lennie and George drift from ranch to

Backgammon For Beginners, So & So Circus

In 1976 a bemused Iranian man arrives on a military jet in London. He holds nothing but a suitcase, a complicated past, and a love of backgammon. Stunning acrobatics and a breathtaking live score are used to tell the story of Roshan, a charming but ultimately flawed man, and his

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