Journey’s End

Journey’s End
by R.C. Sherriff
The Watermill Theatre

You don’t know him as I do; I love that fellow. I’d go to hell with him.’

Just before Germany’s spring offensive in 1918, British officers are in a dug-out on the front line. Keen young officer Raleigh joins the company and finds Stanhope, his old friend, much changed. Trying to create some sort of normality amidst the horror, are Trotter, who is furious about how the war has interfered with his meal times, Hibbert, who is trying to find a way to escape, and Osborne, who would rather be tending his garden.

Journey’s End is an unflinching portrayal of men facing the unbearable but finding the camaraderie to keep on fighting. R C Sherriff wrote this powerful, moving play based on his own experience in the trenches and The Watermill revives it in this First World War centenary year.

Directed by Paul Hart
Designed by Katie Lias
Lighting designed by David Holmes
Sound designed by Steve Mayo
Composer Paul Herbert

Filmed by Philip Tull
Edited by Nick Flintoff

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