The Devil’s Footprints

This film examines the strange phenomenon which happened in February 1855 when a 100 mile trail of footprints strangely appeared in the snow overnight across East Devon. The footprints travelled through fields, gardens, rooftops and over high walls. In this film, I interviewed a leading fortean historian, a playwright and a renowned cryptozoologist about the mystery. The film has also been screened at The Altered Images Post Production Awards 2010 for which it won an award for Best Documentary 2010. It has was also selected for screenings at the London International Documentary Festival, Bestival, Latitude, The Loch Ness Film Festival and the Weird Weekend Festival.

One comment

  1. tailormaneinafog says:

    The shape fits that of the clasper of a male giant dragonfly-like entity. The clasper is a horseshoe shape appendage located at the end of it’s tail for grasping the female during mating. If the male giant dragonfly is low on energy in cold weather, then it could hop on it’s tail as opposed to walking on it’s legs to save energy. Strange but true? See here for a photo match; (

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